Registration Process

All applications for a Certificate of Registration are reviewed by College staff. If it meets all of the requirements for the particular Certificate being applied for, the application is approved and the applicant is registered as a member of the College. Standard processing time for a complete application is three weeks.

In some cases, it is necessary for the Registrar of the College to refer the application to the Registration Committee if the Registrar:

  • has doubts on reasonable grounds about whether an applicant fulfills the registration requirements;

  • is of the opinion that terms, conditions or limitations should be imposed on the certificate and the applicant does not consent to the imposition;

  • proposes to refuse the application.

When an application is reviewed by the Registration Committee, the applicant is notified and given the opportunity to provide written submissions to the Committee.

The Committee, after reviewing the application and related documentation, may direct the Registrar to:

  • issue a Certificate of Registration

  • issue a certificate with specified terms, conditions and/or limitations;

  • issue a certificate upon completion of additional requirements (e.g. educational upgrading, exam completion);

  • refuse to issue a certificate.

The decision of the Committee is communicated to the applicant in writing and, if appropriate, information about the appeal mechanism to the government-appointed Health Professions Appeal and Review Board is provided.