New College Insurance Broker: 2018 Excess Malpractice Insurance

December 13, 2017

All members of the RCDSO have malpractice protection of $2 million per occurrence for services rendered in Ontario. This protection is included in the College’s annual fees.

Members who wish higher limits can purchase excess insurance to a maximum of an additional $23 million, for total protection of $25 million. This has traditionally been purchased by dentists directly through the College’s insurance broker.

The College has recently changed insurance brokers. The new broker is Jones Deslauriers Insurance Management Inc. (“JDIMI”). Excess Insurance Coverage for 2018 has been put in place by JDIMI at the same rates as last year. This excess has the same policy wording and therefore follows the form of the basic policy of $2 million. More specifically, there are no additional exclusions and the policy flows through from the basic policy to the excess policy.

The excess protection for 2018 arranged by the College’s broker can be purchased from JDIMI as follows.

Telephone: 416-248-7144
Questions? Contact

Excess coverage may be sold by other sources not affiliated with the College. The College cannot confirm whether such policies follow the form of the RCDSO basic policy of $2 million. If they do not, there could potentially be exclusions in the excess coverage which are not present in the basic coverage provided for all members.

As the Professional Liability Program of the College is not aware of the terms of any other excess insurance coverage available, it will not be able to answer any questions pertaining to excess insurance coverage other than that purchased by you through the College’s broker, JDIMI.