Sedation and/or General Anesthesia Inspection Program

The College inspects facilities and reviews patient records on a regular basis to ensure that every facility and practitioner that administers sedation and/or general anesthesia remains in compliance with the College's Standard of Practice for the Use of Sedation and General Anesthesia in Dental Practice.

The Standard sets out the training and qualifications for dentists who wish to administer sedation and/or general anesthesia in dental practice and outlines the sedation equipment and emergency drugs required for this purpose.

The Standard, along with the College's sedation and anesthesia by-law, governs certain levels of sedation through its facility permit issuance and inspection program. The purpose of the inspection program is to ensure that the sedation equipment is present and has been properly maintained, that the emergency drugs are present and have not expired, that the sedation team has up-to-date CPR certification and that the dental office has adequate access for emergency stretchers. This checklist sets out the requirements in more detail.

Every dental facility providing sedation and/or general anesthesia services must have a facility permit issued by the College. Every practitioner who administers a level of sedation governed by the College is required to have their training and qualifications approved by the College.

This program protects the public by ensuring that dentists:

  • stay up to date on the required equipment and drugs.
  • are prepared for emergencies.
  • have a valid permit to provide sedation and/or general anesthesia services.