Malpractice Protection

The purpose of regulation by health care professions is to protect the public. This is the fundamental principle upon which everything the College does is built.

It was certainly one of the driving forces behind the creation of the College's Professional Liability Program (PLP) in the 1970s. Under this innovative and cost-effective program, members obtain the benefit of mandatory protection for malpractice and negligence claims. PLP is funded by a portion of the annual fees paid to the College, and its protection extends to former, retired, and deceased members, as well as to dental partnerships and health profession corporations holding a valid certificate of authorization.

Since the cost of PLP protection is included in the annual licensing fee for all College members, any patient can rest assured that a dentist found to be negligent will have access to funds to compensate him or her for injuries suffered as a result of the negligent act. Once notified of a patient’s concerns and financial demands, the dentist will report the matter to PLP and an Advisor will be assigned to investigate and, where appropriate, assist with a resolution.