Quality Assurance Program

Like all health care regulatory colleges, the College is mandated under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, to administer a Quality Assurance Program. The QA program is designed to ensure that the knowledge, skill and judgment of Ontario dentists remains current throughout their careers, and that they continue to provide safe, effective, appropriate and ethical dental care to their patients.

The practice of dentistry is demanding and constantly evolving. This is why continuing education and practice enhancement form the foundation of our QA Program, as they are essential to maintaining the highest standards of professional care.

All members with a general or specialty certificate of registration are required to participate in the College’s QA Program. As outlined in the QA Regulation, the key elements of the QA Program are:

1. Continuing Education and e-Portfolio

Members are required to pursue continuing education activities as part of their commitment to the profession and lifelong learning, and to keep a record of them in their online e-Portfolio.

2. Practice Enhancement Tool

The Practice Enhancement Tool is an online self-assessment program, also known as PET, that allows members to evaluate and assess their practice, knowledge, skill and judgement based on peer-derived standards.

3. Practice Enhancement Consultant

Members who complete the PET may contact our Practice Enhancement Consultant to interpret and discuss their results and to provide guidance in appropriate continuing education activities, regardless of the outcome.

4. Annual Declaration

Each year, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of completing a section on your registration renewal form to self-declare whether you are in compliance with the QA Program requirements.