Jurisprudence and Ethics

The College's Jurisprudence and Ethics course is meant to inform new dentists and remind current members of the College about:

  • how the dental profession is regulated in this province;
  • the importance and purpose of regulation;
  • current practice norms and standards and the rules of practice;
  • the ethical and legislative environment in which health professionals work;
  • risk management strategies that allow dentists to practise safely throughout their dental career.

The course is broken down into eight modules:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the College
  • Legislative Mode
  • Rules That Govern Dental Practice
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Guiding the Profession
  • Ethical Expectations
  • Professional Liability Program

It also includes a number of downloadable resources that can be accessed from directly within the course.

Participation in the College's Jurisprudence and Ethics course is worth 15 CE credits for RCDSO members. New applicants for a general, specialty or academic certificate of registration must also successfully complete an examination in Jurisprudence and Ethics.