Disciplinary Process

The Discipline Committee is responsible for determining allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence referred to it by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports (ICR) Committee or Health Professions Appeal and Review Board.

This Committee hears evidence regarding the case. If it finds the dentist guilty of professional misconduct or incompetence, it may impose a penalty that can include:

  • revoking or suspending the dentist's right to practise in Ontario;
  • imposing terms, conditions, and limitations on the dentist's certificate of registration;
  • reprimanding the dentist;
  • requiring the dentist to pay a fine to the government of Ontario.

A discipline hearing is conducted in a formal judicial setting in the College hearing room, with the College and the dentist each represented by legal counsel. The College has an obligation to give full and timely disclosure of all matters that are relevant, including materials helpful to the dentist in question. There is no reciprocal duty on the member.

Evidence is presented under oath and witnesses are subject to examination and cross-examination. Hearings are open to the public unless a panel of the Discipline Committee orders otherwise.

Appeals from decisions of the Discipline Committee are dealt with by the courts.

A summary of findings of the Discipline Committee panels is available upon request as soon as possible after a hearing has been concluded and the appeal period has elapsed.