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To make a formal complaint, please complete the online form below.  Or you may prefer to submit a complaint in writing, by email, surface mail or fax, or by audio or videotape.

If you are the patient, the College will obtain your personal health information for the purpose of investigating your complaint.  If you are complaining on behalf of a patient, the patient may be asked to provide applicable consent regarding your involvement.

Please note that we will notify the dentist to your complaint within 14 days after the College files your complaint.

the college cannot:

  • Provide diagnoses, referrals, treatment recommendations or dental treatment
  • Provide any financial compensation or award damages
  • Process anonymous complaints or investigate a complaint without notifying the dentist about the complaint
  • Investigate complaints about institutions, companies or other health professionals who are not members of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (eg. dental hygienists, denturists)

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A) Personal Information

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B) Dentist's Information

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(Please note that the College has jurisdiction over individual dentists and not other health care providers or institutions. You must identify an individual dentist.)

If you are unsure of the dentist’s information, visit our online register of dentists and search for their details.

Note: If you are complaining about more than one dentist, please complete a separate complaint form for each dentist. Each complaint is investigated separately.

C) Details of Your Complaint

In the space below, please outline the details of your complaint, in your words.

D) Other Dentists and Healthcare Providers

As part of our investigation, we may need to collect records from other dentists who have provided treatment. Are there any other dentist(s) who are not the subject of your concerns, but who provided you with dental treatment relevant to your complaint?

Are there any other health care provider(s) (i.e. medical doctors, hospital emergency departments, etc.) who have provided you with treatment relevant to your concerns?

E) Supporting Evidence (optional)

Please upload any supporting evidence (eg. receipts, records, correspondence) that may be relevant to your complaint.

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