Transparency Initiatives

What Transparency Means To RCDSO

Stakeholders everywhere expect openness and transparency from organizations. It is a basic tenet now of gaining respect and trust.

Customers, consumers, members – they all expect more openness, more direct contact and better service. Here at the College, we understand this shift and are completely committed to the principle of listening to the views of our stakeholders.

Transparency is now seen as one of the cornerstone initiatives of modern governance. As a health care regulator, there are many legal restrictions on the breadth and depth of information that we can share with our members and with the public. However, we definitely believe in an open and effective dialogue that focuses on a collaborative exchange of ideas and fair consideration of alternative points of view.

Report on Transparency

RCDSO will not waver from its commitment to public accountability through transparency. This is central to everything that we do.

In his letter of October 4, 2014, the Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, asked all health regulatory College Councils and transitional Councils to report to the Ministry on the specific steps that will be taken to make specific transparency measures a priority. The College's Report on Transparency, delivered to the Minister on November 14, 2014 describes how the College is meeting or exceeding best practices for transparency in all aspects of the College’s mandate.

The College remains committed to a process of continual review and improvement, and will continue to examine ways in which it can expand and improve upon its dedication to transparency in both principle and practice.

Transparency Principles

In carrying out its legislated mandate, a regulator has a duty to “serve and protect the public interest.” Regulators must earn and maintain the trust and confidence of the public that they are working in their best interests.

Information needs to provide assurance to the public that practitioners are competent and that the public is safe. The public protection work of the regulator must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.

Our transparency principles are the framework for future decisions by regulatory colleges related to making more information available to the public.

Click here to download RCDSO's transparency principles.*

Opening Up Our Consultation Process

Any member of the public can now get involved in our public consultations for proposed by-laws, standards, guidelines, etc. It is as easy as giving us your name and e-mail address. Anyone registered will automatically receive an e-mail at the same time as membership to announce that a new consultation is posted on our website.

That e-mail message has a hyperlink to the consultation documents making it very easy to find the material. You can sign up by clicking here. Comments sent in will receive the same consideration as comments received from our members and the broader dental community.

Community Consultation Group

This new initiative is an innovative way to enhance our engagement with the public of Ontario and expand the opportunities to hear the public’s voice in our discussions.

It is a new concept for regulation here in Ontario. The role of the group is to formalize a way to provide an avenue for consumer and community perspectives and advice about issues relevant to regulation in the public’s interest.

Members of the Community Consultation group will have an advisory role, with no decision-making power. Members of the group represent only themselves and would share opinions as individuals. Any advice or recommendations will be provided for information to the Executive Committee and Council of the College.