Our Committees

There are seven committees that each health profession college is mandated to establish by the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991. That is why they are referred to as statutory committees. They are: Executive; Inquiries, Complaints and Reports; Discipline; Fitness to Practise; Patient Relations; Quality Assurance; and Registration.

The following is a brief description of their composition and areas of responsibility. The composition of each committee, including number of members, quorum, etc., is set out in our governing legislation and the College’s by-laws.

In addition to the seven statutory committees that are required by the RHPA, the College has five standing committees. While not mandated by the Act, these committees serve important functions in the operation of the College’s programs and services.

All decisions of the standing committees must be brought to Council for approval by way of formal recommendations to Council. The standing committees have little, if any, discretion or jurisdiction to operate or make decisions independent of Council.

Executive Committee
Executive Committee has all the powers of the Council of the College between Council meetings and may exercise these powers if, in the Committee’s opinion, a matter requires immediate attention.... read more.

Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee
The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports (ICR) Committee reviews member-specific concerns that are brought to the College’s attention... read more.

Discipline Committee
The Discipline Committee is responsible for hearing and determining allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence... read more.

Fitness to Practise Committee
The Fitness to Practise Committee determines if a dentist is incapacitated and, if so, how to deal with the member... read more.

Patient Relations Committee
The Committee’s mandate includes dealing with all issues related to informing the public and the profession of the various programs and activities of the College... read more.

Quality Assurance Committee
The Quality Assurance (QA) Committee is charged with the development, administrative review and ongoing evaluation of the College’s QA Program... read more.

Registration Committee
The Registration Committee reviews all applications for registration that the Registrar refers to it... read more.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee makes recommendations regarding the appointment and reappointment of auditors and reviews reports from the Director of Finance and Administration.... read more.

Elections Committee
The Elections Committee is made up of public members of Council. Currently, it addresses eligibility of members to run for election... read more.

Finance, Property and Administration Committee
The Finance, Property, and Administration Committee studies and makes recommendations to Council or the Executive Committee regarding the financial and property requirements of the College... read more.

Legal and Legislation Committee
The Legal and Legislation Committee drafts amendments to College regulations and by-laws, as directed by the College’s Council and/or Executive Committee... read more.

Professional Liability Program Committee
The PLP Committee recommends policy regarding PLP and considers issues relating to malpractice policy and claims, including risk management initiatives... read more.