Discipline Committee


Dr. Richard Hunter, Chair
Dr. Lisa Kelly
Dr. Benjamin Lin
Dr. David Mock
Dr. Sandy Venditti
Mr. Ram Chopra
Ms. Susan Davis (Vice-Chair)
Ms. Margaret Dunn
Mr. Manohar Kanagamany
Mr. Gregory Larsen
Dr. Harpaul Anand (non-council)
Dr. Vinay Bhide (non-council)
Dr. William Coyne (non-council)
Dr. Elliott Gnidec (non-council)
Dr. Barbara Carol Janik (non-council)
Dr. Peter Delean (non-council)
Dr. Kate Towarnicki (non-council)
Dr. Richard Bohay (non-council)


The Discipline Committee is responsible for hearing and determining allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence referred to it by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee.

A panel of the Discipline Committee, consisting of a minimum of two dentists and one appointed public member, and a maximum of three dentists and two appointed public members, considers each case and decides whether the allegations have been proven and if so, what penalty is appropriate.

Where a panel of the Discipline Committee finds a member guilty of professional misconduct, it may make one or a combination of the following orders:

  • Direct the Registrar to revoke the member’s certificate of registration.
  • Direct the Registrar to suspend the member’s certificate of registration for a specified period of time.
  • Direct the Registrar to impose specified terms, conditions and limitations on the member’s certificate of registration for a specified or indefinite period of time.
  • Require the member to appear before the panel to be reprimanded.
  • Require the member to pay a fine of not more than $35,000.00 to the Minister of Finance.

If a panel of the committee is of the opinion that the commencement of the proceedings is unwarranted, it may make an order requiring the College to pay all or part of the member’s legal costs.

In appropriates cases, and where there is a finding of professional misconduct or incompetence, a panel may make an order requiring the member to pay all or part of the College’s costs and expenses.

In cases where there is a finding of professional misconduct, the results of the proceeding must be contained on the College’s Register which is available on the College’s website, as required by the Regulated Health Professions Act. In addition, the Act requires the College to publish a summary of each case. These summaries are contained as an insert to Dispatch magazine and are available on the College's website