The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) is the governing body for dentists in Ontario. Our mission is to protect the public's right to quality dental services by providing leadership to the dental profession in regulation.

About the RCDSO

The role and authority of the College is set out in the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), the Health Professions Procedural Code, and the Dentistry Act, and the regulations made under these acts.

RCDSO, as well as the over 20 other health-care regulatory colleges in the province, must:

  • set the education and other qualifications necessary to enter the profession;

  • administer quality assurance programs that members are required to participate in to help maintain their competence;

  • develop professional and ethical standards and guidelines;

  • provide a complaint and investigation process for people who feel that the standards have not been met.

The College believes that the regulatory model must be open, responsive, accessible, equitable, and accountable to bring about safe, effective, and ethical dental care in Ontario.

The public trusts dentists to set and monitor their own professional standards. In return, dentists must give their patients high-quality dental care.

The over 9,300 dentists in general and specialty practice in Ontario place a very high value on professionalism. They are committed to ensuring that the public receives high-quality, ethical care. That is why the safe care of patients by dentists is at the heart of everything the College does.

Patients must be able to put their trust in dentists. Dentists themselves rank this as one of the profession's highest priorities. In fact, the College is totally funded by the fees paid by each dentist in the province. Dentists believe that it is important for the profession to demonstrate that they deserve that trust.