Apply for appointment to Council in District 9

The College is issuing a call to dentists for expressions of interest to apply for appointment to Council in District 9.

During the 2022 Council election, no eligible candidates applied from District 9. The College held a by-election in accordance with our by-law provisions, and again there were no eligible candidates at the by-election deadline

Where no eligible candidate is nominated during a by-election in an electoral district, Council is provided with two options:

  • Leave the seat vacant; or
  • Appoint a member of the College who would be eligible for election in that electoral district as of the date of their appointment.

At its January 19 meeting, Council approved a motion to conduct a strategic recruitment to try and fill the seat with an eligible member with College experience.

District 9 appointment and application process

The College is looking for dentists who practise in District 9 to apply for appointment to Council. Dentists who do not practise in any district but reside in District 9 are also eligible to apply. Click here for information about District 9 electoral boundaries. 

The deadline for applications for District 9 appointments is Monday, February 13, 2023 at 10 am. Please ensure that your address information is up to date in the RCDSO member portal.

If you are interested, you must:

  • Complete the online orientation module about the role of the College and the expectations and duties of Council and committee members. Please ensure that you complete the short verification form at the end of the orientation module.
  • Complete our application form, which includes uploading a copy of your current CV. 

We recommend you set aside approximately two hours to complete the online course and application. Early applications are encouraged.  

Accommodation is available upon request under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Please email if this is your particular circumstance.

Eligible candidates will be considered by the College’s Executive Committee. The top three candidates will be invited to participate in a competency-based assessment interview by the College’s Eligibility Review Committee. The list of competencies to be an effective member of Council can be found here.

We ask that you only apply if you are not and have not been for the previous three years in any position of responsibility with any organization, association or group whose mandate in any way conflicts with the College’s mandate to regulate dentists in the public interest. This includes a leadership role for an association or any organization that advocates for the profession. The orientation course has more information about eligibility criteria, competencies and time commitment.

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