Submit a Complaint Against a Dentist

As part of our response to COVID-19 pandemic, College staff are working hard to ensure the public, dentists and our staff stay safe.

For the safety of our staff and the public, the RCDSO offices in Toronto are closed. Some College operations may be temporarily unavailable as a result. We ask that if you need to send information and documents to the College that you do so electronically; sending material on paper will result in delayed response and processing times.

If you wish to contact the College with respect to an ongoing complaint or investigation, please email your assigned investigator, complaints associate or ADR administrator directly. Their email address is located in the signature line of all correspondence sent to you.

At this time, email is the only way to ensure that your correspondence will be received and added to the file.

If you wish to file a new complaint, please proceed to use our online form only. Thank you for your patience.  

You may wish to contact us at before making a complaint.

Before You File a Complaint

You have a few options. Most people simply complete the online form. If you prefer, you may submit a complaint in writing, by email, surface mail or fax, or by audio or videotape.

Contact and mailing details can be found here.

File Size Limitations for Supporting Documentation

We recommend that any supporting documentation (files, photos, records, etc.) uploaded to the online complaint form should not exceed 4 MB.

If your supporting documentation files are larger than 4 MB (individually or collectively), please submit your complaint via email to

Remember, the RCDSO Cannot:

For additional information, learn more about how our complaints process works.

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