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RCDSO Performance Review

The College engaged Harry Cayton and the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care in London, England to conduct an independent assessment which benchmarked our performance in relation to other regulators internationally.  Mr. Cayton and PSA are recognized as the world experts in regulation.

The review examined our approach to and compliance with 23 international standards of good regulation covering three regulatory functions: the setting of guidance and standards, registration and complaints.

As Mr. Cayton states in his covering letter: “Our report makes clear that we consider that the College meets all the relevant standards of good regulation and that it demonstrates best practice in a number of areas.”

At the very beginning of the report, the College is described as an “effective regulator” that is “strongly focused on patient safety and the public interest.” The College is commended for demonstrating “agility in its reaction to developments in clinical practice and risk, and a strong focus on public protection. The high quality of its advice and guidance to dentists is widely recognized.”

The report acknowledges that, as a regulator, we work within a complex legal framework with an "inherent tension between this framework and the needs of a global economy for the free movement of labour and the protection of quality and public safety." As the report outlines, we have got the art of balancing those tensions right.

We are especially proud that the report noted that "the engagement of public members in the work of the College is a great strength. Public members are valued, respected and supported and play important roles in the College's work."

Report: A Review Conducted for the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario - Professional Standards Authority