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Dental Facility Inspections

The College has of number of requirements in place to ensure patient safety, including conducting inspections of dental offices. The College currently operates two inspection programs dealing with:

Any dental office that wishes to install and operate a dental CT scanner, or administer sedation and/or general anesthesia must have a permit issued by the College. We conduct on-site inspections to confirm the office is in full compliance with all aspects of the College’s standards of practice.

Any dentist who wishes to prescribe, order or take dental CT scans, or administer sedation and/or general anesthesia must have their training and qualifications approved by the College.

Inspection summaries on our Register

The College posts information to our Register to ensure patient safety and to help the public make informed decisions about their choice of health care practitioners.

On our Register, you will find a summary of deficiencies found during an inspection of offices with CT scanner permits and offices that administer sedation and/ or general anesthesia.

We also post a summary of deficiencies found during any inspection related to a dentist who has been authorized by the College to administer moderate sedation, deep sedation and/or general anesthesia at a dental office that holds a permit.

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