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I have a problem with my dentist. What should I do?

We encourage patients to discuss the problem or concern with their dentist.  If you still have concerns, contact the College.

One of our important responsibilities is to address concerns about a dentist’s conduct or practise. We have the legal authority to investigate any complaint we receive, whether from a patient or another person. This authority covers dentists in all branches of dentistry, including general dentistry and specialty practice.

We take this responsibility very seriously. Every complaint we receive about a dentist is thoroughly and objectively investigated. Dentists in Ontario are accountable to the College for the ways in which they practise dentistry.

Learn more about our formal investigation process.

If you’ve spoken with your dentist but feel your issue has not been resolved, you can contact the College to file a complaint against the dentist. Another person can also file the complaint on your behalf. 

The most efficient way to file a complaint is through our online complaint form. You can also submit a complaint in writing, by email, surface mail or fax, or by audio or videotape.

As part of your complaint, you’ll need to provide:

  • A clear statement that you are submitting a complaint.
  • The full name of the dentist.
  • Details about your concerns.
  • The names of other dentists, health care practitioners or other persons that may have relevant information.
  • Your daytime phone number and your mailing address.

When we receive your complaint, College staff will reach out to explain the complaint process and answer any questions you may have.

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