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As the regulator of dentistry in Ontario we believe in transparency. Search our online Register of nearly 10,000 Ontario dentists to learn more about their education, practice details, and even if they have faced disciplinary measures.
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    I have a problem with my dentist. What should I do?

    One of our important responsibilities is to address concerns about a dentist’s conduct or practise. We have the legal authority to investigate any complaint we receive, whether from a patient or another person. This authority covers dentists in all branches of dentistry, including general dentistry and specialty practice.

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    How does the Protecting Patients Act affect patients?

    Ontario government passed the Protecting Patients Act (PPA), in May 2017. The new legislation strengthens the protections against sexual abuse of patients. It also works to provide more transparency in the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), the legislation that governs each of the 26 regulated health professions, including dentistry.