2023 Fee Increase

The 2023 annual fee is increasing $485 over the 2022 fee to $2,995. RCDSO Council passed the by-law change for this fee increase on September 15, 2022.

The fee increase allows the College to:

  • adequately fund the Professional Liability Program (PLP)
  • account for inflationary increases
  • fund the College’s mandated regulatory requirements.

Council suspended the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annual increase set out in By-Law for the 2022 annual fee. Council suspended the CPI increase once more for the 2023 annual fee (projected to be $175-$200), and will reinstate it for 2024.

Why now?

The College held member fees flat for 2022 as a measure to provide relief during the pandemic. This is not a sustainable long-term approach.

In 2021, PLP accounted for 31% of the College’s expenses. It has been the biggest area of cost growth for more than five years. The increases are driven by external forces. The College uses external, third-party actuaries to analyze outstanding and past claims to develop PLP's loss provision and the reserve the College needs to maintain to stay solvent. 

The increase in PLP’s costs is a result of many factors, including:

  • the increased costs of insurance;
  • more serious claims with higher payouts; and
  • actual payouts for claims being higher than expected.

How do our liability protection costs compare to other provinces?

The College conducted a review and benchmarking exercise against other malpractice liability programs.

We reviewed the other two national dental colleges that have a separate fee for their liability programs (Quebec and Alberta), CDSPI malpractice insurance which covers dentists in the other seven provinces where annual fees do not include the costs of liability programs, and an estimate provided by the College’s insurance broker, JDMI.

*Alberta figure includes College and Association fee.

With the fee increasing to $2,995, $1000 will go to fund PLP (which includes $2M of coverage) and $1,995 will fund the regulatory program areas of the College.