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Registration Requirements for International Applicants

If you are an international applicant and graduated from a non-accredited dental program, there are two pathways to receive certification as dentist:

  1. Successful completion of an accredited Qualifying/Degree Completion Program
  3. Successful completion of the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) Equivalency Process. 

More information for graduates of non-accredited dental programs can be found on the NDEB website.

NDEB Dental Examination

All applicants must successfully complete the NDEB examination.

International applicants with accredited education/training can apply directly to take NDEB examination.

NDEB certification qualifies you to apply for a licence to practice dentistry in Ontario through RCDSO.

RCDSO Licence Application Requirements

Once you receive NDEB certification, you can apply for your licence to practice dentistry in Ontario through RCDSO.

You must fill out an application form, provide all the required documentation, and pay the required fees for the specific type of licence.

  1. If you have completed an Advanced Standing, Degree Completion or Qualifying program, in addition to a four-year university dental program, submit with your licence application: 
    • A certified copy of the advanced standing, degree completion or qualifying program document
    • The original letter from the Dean of the accredited/recognized university certifying the date of graduation
    • If you also completed a mandatory internship, house job or residency program as part of your dental program, you must submit with your application:
      • A certified copy of the certificate of completion, and a letter from the school or workbook.
    • If you going through the NDEB Equivalency Process, and your university dental program was not taught in English or French, you will need to provide evidence of English or French language proficiency. 

      1. Accepted Language Proficiency Test

        Minimum Accepted Scores

        TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

        650 CBT
        250 CBT

        100 ITB

        IELTS (The International English Language Testing System

        6.5 in General Test


        *The IELTS Academic version is not accepted