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Application Process

To practise dentistry in Ontario, you must apply for a certificate of registration (licence) and have your application approved by RCDSO.

How do I apply?

Important: Applications are only valid for three months after being signed, dated and notarized.

Have you practiced or been licensed to practice dentistry in another jurisdiction?

If you are currently practising or have been licensed to practise dentistry outside of Ontario, you must request a completed certificate of standing from that jurisdiction.  The completed certificate of standing form must be forwarded to the College directly from the regulatory authority.

Have you been licensed to practise any other profession?

If you are currently practising or have been licensed to practise any other regulated profession inside or outside of Ontario, we require a certificate of standing. The certificate of standing must be forwarded to the College directly from the regulatory authority.

Important: Certificates/letters of standing are only valid for three months after being signed and issued.

Standard Application Processing Times

If all requirements are met, the processing time for a complete application is approximately three to five weeks.

May, June and January are peak times of year for the College’s registration department. If your application is submitted during this time, the processing time may be longer.

Potential Application Outcomes

  1. You meet all the requirements:

    When your application is approved, you will be registered with the College and receive your licence to practise dentistry in Ontario

  2. The Registrar refers your application to be reviewed by the College’s Registration Committee.

    In some cases, the Registrar of the College may refer the application to the Registration Committee if the Registrar:

    • has doubts on reasonable grounds about whether an applicant fulfills the registration requirements
    • is of the opinion that terms, conditions or limitations should be imposed on the certificate and the applicant does not consent to the imposition;
    • proposes to refuse the application.

When an application is reviewed by the Registration Committee, you will be notified and given the opportunity to provide written submissions to the Committee.

What decisions can the Committee come to after reviewing my application?

After reviewing the application and related documentation, the Registration Committee may direct the Registrar to:

  • issue a certificate of registration (licence to practise); 
  • issue a licence to practise, but with specific terms, conditions and/or limitations; 
  • issue a licence to practise after you have completed some additional requirements, such as educational upgrading, exam completion
  • refuse to issue a licence to practise.

The Committee’s decision is provided to the applicant in writing. If appropriate, information about how to appeal to the government-appointed Health Professions Appeal and Review Board is also provided.

More details on applicant requirements

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Relevant legislation: Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, Schedule 2 (15)