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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Ontario’s Ministry of Health regularly releases new guidance on COVID-19. Access regular Ministry updates by clicking here.

The Ministry reports daily to the College on this issue.

Continue your usual activities, processes and protocols. Follow all protocols described in the Infection Prevention and Control Standard.

Primary care providers, including dentists and dental offices, are asked to do passive and active screening.

The Ministry recommends that you:

  1. Screen patients over the phone before scheduling appointments
  2. Post signs in your reception area asking patients with symptoms to identify themselves. 

Sample screening

Refer to the Guidance for Primary Care Providers in a Community Setting document for screening and triage advice (page 2). 

Health care providers facing immediate challenges (less than 10 days of supply) with their personal protective equipment supply levels can email the ministry at

The Ministry of Health has set up a Health Care Provider Hotline at 1-866-212-2272.

Contact if you have additional questions.