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Supporting COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

Widespread vaccination is essential to the long-term containment of COVID-19, along with other key public health strategies including hand hygiene, physical distancing, and masking.

You have an opportunity to support vaccination efforts, model responsible behaviour for your patients and the public, and address vaccine hesitancy.

Getting Vaccinated and Vaccine Hesitancy

The College encourages dentists to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible.

Vaccination (unless contraindicated) can help safeguard your health and the health of your friends, family, colleagues, and patients.

See the College’s website for more information on how to access vaccines for you and your staff. 

If you are hesitant to get vaccinated, or have staff or patients who have expressed vaccine hesitancy, the following resources provide helpful and up-to-date information concerning vaccine safety and efficacy: Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) and 19 to 0: United Against COVID-19.

Remember that you must provide care to existing patients regardless of their views about vaccination or their decision to receive or decline vaccination.

Administering Vaccines

Dentists can support vaccine administration efforts in certain circumstances: 

  1. if you are acting under a medical directive or a direct order from a professional who is authorized to administer vaccines (i.e. a physician or nurse practitioner) or
  2. you are re-deployed in a hospital setting to assist with activities related to COVID-19.

Dentists are not authorized to administer vaccines in any other circumstance.