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Volunteer Dentistry – Practising in a not-for-profit capacity

Interested in offering dentistry services on a voluntary basis? You may be eligible to renew your certificate of registration at a reduced fee of $250.

To qualify, you will need to provide assurances to the College that you:

  • will not practice dentistry except on a volunteer basis during the calendar year for which the annual fee is being reduced
  • will not receive income, compensation or other monetary benefit from the practice of dentistry or from holding of a certificate of registration
  • will maintain competency through the Quality Assurance program, including the requirements for continuing education and the Practice Enhancement Tool (PET)
  • agree that the fact that you are practising dentistry in a not-for-profit capacity will be on the College’s register 
  • sign a voluntary agreement/undertaking to ensure, among other things, that the conditions for the reduction have been and will continue to be met.

To start the process, you must first complete the Volunteer Dentistry Request form found in the Member Resource Centre. If your application is approved, you will receive confirmation from the College and we will send you the voluntary agreement/undertaking to be signed. 

All requests must be approved by the Registrar and /or Registration Committee.  The terms on your certificate of registration will only be valid in the calendar year in which your application was approved and will only remain valid until December 31 of that calendar year.