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Changes to RCDSO CT Scanner Program

Council has approved a revised dental CT scanners by-law, with changes coming into effect midnight, October 31, 2020.

Here are highlights of key changes to the College’s dental CT scanner program.

CT Member Authorizations

  • All dentists who prescribe, order and take dental CT scans are required to apply for authorization before October 31, 2020. This includes dentists currently registered to do so.
  • After November 1, 2020 you cannot prescribe, order and take dental CT scans unless you have obtained authorization. Prior to October 31, 2020 members that are granted authorization will not be required to undertake the provisional authorization process as outlined below.
  • The initial application fee is $150.00 and must be renewed on an annual basis. The renewal fee is $150.00.
  • There are two authorization types: dentoalveolar CT scans and craniofacial CT scans. A craniofacial CT scan authorization also authorizes dentoalveolar scans.
  • Effective November 1, 2020 the authorization application process includes a provisional authorization stage. Provisional authorizations are valid for six months from the date of issuance and can be extended for an additional three months.
  • Dentists must meet the provisional authorization requirements to receive an annual member authorization:
    • Submit five CT scan records for review to the College,
    • Provided they are complete and in compliance with the Standard of Practice, an annual authorization will be issued.
  • Authorized dentists can prescribe, order and take dental CT scans at any dental facility that holds a valid dental CT scanner facility permit as long as they  have received on-site training in the safe operation of the dental CT scanner installed in that facility.
  • Prescribing dentists will no longer be listed on dental CT scanner facility permits.
  • Your authorization is based upon your education/training. However, you cannot exceed your authorization at any time and can only prescribe, order and take dental CT scans that are compatible with the permit type of the facility.
    • If you are authorized for craniofacial CT scans and the facility holds a dentoalveolar CT scanner facility permit, you can only prescribe, order and take dentoalveolar CT scans at that facility.
    • If a dental CT scanner facility permit is for a craniofacial CT scanner and you are authorized for dentoalveolar, you can only prescribe, order and take dentoalveolar CT scans.

CT Scanner Facility Permits and the Inspection Process

  • The College will no longer issue provisional facility permits.
  • Permits will no longer list the names of prescribing dentists
  • An inspection by the College must take place before a dental CT scanner facility permit is issued. A facility is eligible for inspection after completing the following steps:
    • Submit the facility permit application form and fee to the College.      
    • Submit a copy of the application approval [letter format] to the X-Ray Inspection Service (XRIS) as part of their Ministry application form to install and operate a dental CT scanner to receive the requisite letter of approval [including schematic plan] and letter of designation as issued by the Ministry.
    • Gather other required information, as outlined by the College, and notify us when you have met the requirements and are ready for an inspection so that we can arrange one. You no longer are required to submit that documentation to the RCDSO. The facility inspector will review these documents at the time of inspection.
  • Dentists may apply for a revised facility permit by submitting an application form, fee and any other supporting documentation required by the College to:
    • Change the dental practice location referred to in the existing Facility Permit
    • Change the installed location of the dental CT scanner in the current dental practice location.

Certain aspects of the dental CT scanner program will remain the same, including:

  • The dental CT scanner facility permit application fee remains the same at $850.00.
  • The dental CT scanner facility permit renewal fee remains unchanged at $400.00.
  • The education and training requirements to apply for a CT member authorization are listed in our Standard of Practice for Dental CT Scanners.

If you have questions about these new requirements, email