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Scam Alert - Calls from a fake “investigator

The College has had several reports of “scam calls” this week.

Some dental offices were contacted by someone who identified themself as “Jack Miller” and claimed to be an RCDSO investigator. The call appeared to be coming from the RCDSO’s main telephone number. Dentists were told that “the RCMP” was involved because of complaints against them. Some dentists were asked to transfer funds to this individual.

If you receive such a call, be assured that it does NOT come from the College and may be an attempt to extort money from you. If in doubt, hang up.

If you have any concerns about the validity of someone claiming to be from the College, please contact or call the College directly at 1-800-565-4591.

If you receive a call from someone who threatens you in any way, you may wish to contact your local police department.