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426th RCDSO Council Highlights - May 20, 2021

President’s Remarks

RCDSO President Sandy Venditti chaired the meeting. She noted that Council was taking a new approach with these meetings, with each item identified with its connection to our mandate of serving the public.

Strategic Plan

Assistant Registrar Andréa Foti updated Council on the work flowing from our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan. Although some items have been affected by the current pandemic, progress across each area of work has been consistently strong.

Council Work Plan

The plan includes different elements to help build regulatory excellence at the College.  At its core is a schedule to help Council and senior staff address four key areas:   

  • Strategic Plan,
  • Financial Accountability,
  • Registrar & CEO, and
  • Council Affairs (Board, Committee, Chair and Member evaluation being considered by the Governance Working group)

Educational Session - Professional Liability Program

It has been a part of the College for close to 50 years. The discussion focused on the impact of the current structure of PLP on the global financial position of the RCDSO.  This has some considerations for Council as the governing body, and for the College with respect to maintaining the financial health of its regulatory work. Council was presented with information on how PLP impacts the College’s financial position, income statement, budget, and annual fees for dentists.  This issue will be revisited in coming meetings.

Governance Working Group

Council approved the following Guiding Principles for Governance:

  • Our fundamental responsibility is to regulate in the interests of patients and the public.
  • Our activity is conducted transparently, reported publicly and evaluated continuously to improve our effectiveness.
  • Our leadership is shared by dentists and public members.
  • We anticipate emerging risks and embrace opportunities for regulatory and governance innovation.
  • We seek diversity and inclusion among Council, committees and staff as well as the perspectives of patients and the public so that our decisions reflect the needs and lived experiences of the communities we serve.

The Working Group will now develop a framework for performance evaluation for Council and its members, as required by the College Performance Measurement Framework.  Analysis and discussion of the current governance model at RCDSO and regulatory trends and best practices will also be reviewed.

Audit Committee

Council passed motions to approve:

  • the December 31, 2020 RCDSO Audited Financial Statements as presented
  • the December 31, 2020 Audited Fund Financial Statements of the RCDSO Pension Fund as presented
  • the appointment of Tinkham LLP to conduct the RCDSO Audit and the RCDSO Pension Fund Audit for the 2021 fiscal year.

These statements will be published shortly on as part of the 2020 Annual report.

Finance, Property and Administration Committee

Subsequent decisions confirmed the reallocation of the remaining balance in the College’s CRM Reserve to the Operating Reserve in the amount of $521,121 effective May 31, 2021. In addition, $1 million of the College’s Unrestricted Resources were reallocated to the Operating Reserve in the amount of effective, May 31, 2021. 

Council also approved, in principle, a bylaw amendment related to the coming renewal period. If passed, after circulation to members and stakeholders for comment, there will be no automatic Consumer Price Adjustment increase in the fees referred to in article of the bylaw, for the calendar year 2022.

Following a 60-day circulation period (see our consultation page) this will come back to Council for final approval.

The next meeting of Council will be on September 17, 2021.