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Voting in the Council Election

Voters cast their ballots electronically. We partner with Big Pulse to administer the election while maintaining the highest standards for security and accuracy. Votes are administered through Big Pulse’s computer system which is independent from the College.

What voters need to know

  • Eligible voters will receive an email from Big Pulse in late November that provides access to an electronic ballot.

  • Voters may access the ballot from desktop computers, tablets and smartphone devices and the whole process should take just a couple of minutes.

  • Each voter can only vote once. Once a ballot is submitted, the vote may not be changed. Voters will receive an email confirmation from Big Pulse confirming your vote has been received.

  • If, according to our records, more than one voter shares an email address, Big Pulse will send unique links to that address so each member can vote. If you have a shared email address on file with the College and you wish to change it for the purposes of voting, please contact Camille Ripley at the College at

  • Votes may be submitted until 2:00 pm on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 when the online voting system will close.

  • Big Pulse will report the results of the election to the College.

  • The College Registrar will advise all candidates of the result of the election in their district either by phone or by email.

  • The names of the successful candidates for all districts will be posted on the College’s website after the candidates have been advised and the results are final – about one week following the election.

Voters Address Information

Once all of the nominations are in, the College provides all election candidates with a list of members (voters) in the candidate’s electoral district and address mailing labels. These are to be used by candidates for election and campaigning purposes only.

The address provided to candidates is designated on the College's Register – the same as your business address.

For some members without a practice address (e.g. non-practising members), your designated address is your home address and will be given to candidates for campaigning purposes.

Don't want your home address given to election candidates?

You must inform the College in writing before October 1, 2018. Send your notice to Camille Ripley at

Technical Advice

  • Emails from Big Pulse should be delivered to your inbox. Check your Junk or Spam folder to ensure they are not misplaced. We advise adding Big Pulse as a safe sender in advance by adding to your safe sender list. Please check with your email service provider if you require additional assistance.

  • Extensive testing was completed to ensure a smooth user experience. If any technical support is required, Big Pulse offers user support by contacting 1-855-558-8090 and should return phone calls with the answer to user’s inquiries within a few hours of receipt.


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