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Council Election Candidacy

Applications for the next Council term are no longer being accepted. The submission deadline was September 21, 2020. You can still apply for a non-Council committee position. 


The College's governing Council is the board of directors of the College. Twelve dentists on Council are elected by peers through a regional election process. The public members are appointed by government. Find about more about the role and make up of Council.

All Council members work collaboratively to fulfil the College’s statutory mandate of regulating the dental profession in the public interest by putting patients first and ensuring the highest quality of oral health care.

How to apply to run for Council election

Check to ensure you meet the Council eligibility requirements and complete the Council and non-Council committee  member Candidate Eligibility Course by Monday, September 21, 2020.

Once you've done that, review and fill out the elections self-nomination form and declaration posted in the Member Resource Centre under Document Downloads. 

Scan your signed forms and email them to

Time Commitment

As an elected Council member, your term of office is about two years.

Your first Council meeting after the election is in January, 2020. This meeting includes an orientation session.


The significant commitment of Council members is recognized with an honorarium. The 2020 rate is $1,100 per day, with $1,320 per day for committee chairpersons and for the chairpersons of panels of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee or the Discipline Committee. Other reasonable expenses, such as travel, accommodation and meals, related to your Council activities are reimbursed. There are also preparation time fees for certain committees.

Committee Involvement

Appointments to College Committees are recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by Council. Appointments are merit based and expressions of interest for certain committees are considered.  Council members are typically appointed to sit on one or more committees, but it is not automatic. Committees meet anywhere from three days a year to once a month, depending on the committee. Read more on committee time commitments