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Non-Council Committee Applicants

Every two years a number of Ontario dentists put their names forward to serve as non-council committee members. In this role, you can help the College fulfill its mandate of working in the public interest by putting patients first.

In 2016, RCDSO Council passed by-law changes to institute a merit-based application process for these non-council positions, instead of the previous random selection. Council matches necessary skills and experience with committee needs. All dentists are invited to apply for what will certainly be an interesting, collegial and enriching opportunity.

How to apply

Check to ensure that you meet all of the eligibility requirements to become a non-Council committee member and complete the Council and non-Council Committee Candidate Eligibility Course by November 12, 2020. 

Once you've done that, review and fill out the application for non-Council committee appointment located in the Document Downloads area of the Member Resource Centre. Applications are due November 12, 2020. 

Scan your signed forms and email them to Include an up-to-date copy of your resume and a statement of interest which should include:

  • why you wish to be involved in governance of the profession
  • your qualifications and relevant experience
  • your conduct history with the College and beyond
  • the committees you are interested in serving on
  • how you think your involvement will benefit the College.

Can I run for elected office and submit my application and resume for an appointed committee position too?

Yes, you can do both. However, if successful in the election, your application to serve as a non-Council member will not be considered.

Selection Process

All application forms are reviewed to confirm that all the eligibility criteria set in the by-law are met. The Executive Committee closely reviews the statements of interest attached to each application taking into consideration reasons for interest, qualifications and relevant experience, conduct history, committee of interest, and how the applicant's combined knowledge and experience will benefit the College's governance. 

Can I choose which committee I sit on?

In your statement of interest attached to the application, you may want to identify the committees that pique your interest and where you feel your skills would be beneficial to the College.

The College has creates competencies specific to each committee. You can review those competencies in the Member Resource Centre under Document Downloads.

Time Commitment

How much time is involved?

It varies from committee to committee. Find out more here. 

How long is my commitment?

The term is about two years, the same as for Council members. The term may vary for the Professional Liability Program Committee. 

You start with the first committee meeting in 2020, usually early in the year. You may also be asked to attend special education or orientation sessions.


The 2020 rate is $1,100 per day, with $1,320 per day for committee and panel chairs. Other reasonable expenses, such as travel, accommodation and meals, are reimbursed.