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Non-Council Committee Eligibility and Requirements

You are eligible to submit your name for selection for appointment to a College Committee if, on November 12, 2020, you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a member and have completed and signed the College’s Application & Eligibility Form for Non-Council Committee Appointment including a copy of your current copy curriculum vitae and the College Registrar has received them on or before November 12, 2020. 

  • You have submitted to the College a signed Declaration for Persons Wishing to be a non-Council Member of a Committee of the College; 

  • You have successfully completed the College’s current training program relating to the duties, obligations and expectations of Council and committee members;

  • You are not in default of payment of any fees and do not otherwise owe any money to the College and/or you are not in default of completing and returning any prescribed form;

  • You do not have any terms, conditions or limitations placed on your Certificate of Registration, other than ones that are applicable to all members holding that class of certificate;

  • You are not currently the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceeding in any jurisdiction relating to dentistry or any other profession;

  • You are not the subject of a Registrar’s investigation under 75(1)(a) or 75(2) of the Code;

  • You are not the subject of an incapacity inquiry; 

  • You have not been ordered to attend to receive a caution or been required to complete a specified continuing education or remediation program based on a decision of the Inquiries Complaints and Reports Committee in connection with maintaining of professional boundaries;

  • You are not the subject of an interim order made by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee;

  • You are not the subject of a charge under the Criminal Code (Canada) or Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada);

  • You are not the subject of an order by the Fitness to Practise Committee or any similar committee in any jurisdiction in relation to dentistry or any other profession;

  • You are not a party to any legal proceeding against the College;

  • You are not a dental consultant to a third party dental benefits provider or have not been a dental consultant to a third party dental benefits provider during the previous three years;

  • You have met all requirements relating to College quality assurance programs, including any mandatory continuing education requirement, and if you have been selected to complete it, successful completion of the Practice Enhancement Tool;

  • You have never been disqualified from sitting on the council as a result of a breach of the College’s Code of Conduct for Council Members or the College’s Conflict of Interest By-Law;

  • You are not and have not been during the previous two years, an employee of, or a director or other member of the board of directors, governing council or other governing body of, officer of, or another position of responsibility with the Canadian Dental Association, Ontario Dental Association, a national or provincial dental specialty association or organization or other like national or provincial association or organization unless appointed to serve in such role by the College, or with a corporation or organization or controlled by one of these bodies;

  • You have not been a salaried employee of the College during the previous six years;

  • At least one year has passed since you served for three consecutive terms as a non-Council member of a College Committee (two terms in the case of PLP)

  • You have not been elected to Council in four consecutive elections (including any by-election) or selected by a University to serve on Council for the previous four consecutive terms
Source: RCDSO By-Law No.9, Non-Council Committee Members, article 9.2.1. 

RCDSO by-laws also provide that:

  • a member may be elected to the council in four consecutive elections.
  • a member who has been elected to the council in four consecutive elections is not eligible for election until the election held in accordance with article 6.3.4 of By-law no. 6 which is more than five calendar years after the member was last elected as a member of council.
  • an election in a by-election shall be counted in determining whether a member is eligible for election under subsection article 6.2.4.
Source: RCDSO By-law No. 6, Members of Council, articles 6.2.3, 6.2.4., 6.2.5.