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Frequently Asked Questions

    I did not receive an attendance verification certificate for attending the Ontario Dental Association’s ASM. How do I obtain my CE record? Are all hands-on courses eligible for bonus points? At the end of a CE cycle, do I have to submit a report about my CE activities to the College? Can excess CE points be carried forward to the next three-year cycle? Can I claim CE points for a General Practice Residency (GPR)? Can I claim CE points for attending hospital rounds? Can I claim CE points for CE activities that I completed before becoming a member of the College? Can I claim CE points for reading dental journals or textbooks? Can I claim CE points for taking a CPR course? Can I claim CE points for teaching? Can I use excess CE points from Category 1 towards my requirements in Category 2? How are CE points calculated for attending a course? How do I keep track of my CE courses and other activities? How do I know if a course provider or sponsor is approved or non-approved? What are the Continuing Education (CE) requirements for Ontario dentists? What are the requirements for the CE categories? What do I do with my CE certificates and other proof of attendance documents? What if I am a full-time student? Do I still need to obtain CE points? What is considered a non-clinical course? When does my three-year CE cycle begin? How do I claim the recent grad bonus CE points? What are CE attendance verification documents and am I required to keep them?