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Principles for Approved Sponsors and Core Course Presenters

Core courses must be relevant to the practice of dentistry and designed to promote continued competence and maintenance of professional standards.

Courses must be approved by the Quality Assurance Committee. In approving courses, the Quality Assurance Committee considers whether:

  • Content is broadly relevant to the practice of the profession by all members;
  • Content is applicable to the practice of the profession in Ontario;
  • Course is presented in association with an Approved Sponsor;
  • Course providers are recognized experts on the subject;
  • Quality of the presentation and the delivery mode;
  • Includes references and/or links to supportive educational materials;
  • Absence of any commercial bias;
  • Includes an independent assessment component;
  • Accessible by all members of the College.

Once a core course is approved, both sponsors and speakers must adhere to certain general principles to ensure that members will receive appropriate credit for attending a core course presentation.

General Principles

  1. A core course must be presented in association with an approved sponsor to qualify for CE points in category 1. When presented with an unapproved sponsor, the course qualifies for points in category 3.
  2. Where the approved sponsor for the presentation is not the originating sponsor for the core course, the approved sponsor should inform the College of the presentation.
  3. A core course must be presented as it was approved by the Quality Assurance Committee, including the assessment component, to qualify for points category 1. Other than minor changes by the speaker to ensure the accuracy of information presented, the core course cannot be modified. This includes changes to the duration of the course or number of CE points awarded. Any proposed changes to an approved core course may require re-submission to the Quality Assurance Committee for review and consideration.
  4. Approved sponsors and speakers must not have a conflict of interest by virtue of any affiliation with a company that provides financial or other support for the presentation.
  5. Approved sponsors decide on the choice and organization of the presentation of a core course along with funding arrangements . While the approved sponsor may acknowledge the financial or other aid received, it should not identify the products of the company or companies that provide funding for the presentation.
  6. Negotiations for space or types of promotional displays at core course presentations should not be influenced by funding arrangements. Where possible, all company booths, tables and displays should be located outside the presentation theatre.
  7. Every effort should be made to use generic names rather than trade names in the core course presentation. In particular, speakers should not engage in peer selling.
  8. Core courses should be accessible by all members of the College. While the fee for members and non-members of the approved sponsor (e.g. Component Dental Society, Approved Study Club) may be different, the fee for non-members should be reasonable and based on cost recovery for the presentation.
  9. To award CE points in Category 1, approved sponsors must make reasonable efforts to ensure that dentists have attended the full presentation and completed the assessment component.
  10. Approved sponsors must provide attendees with course certificates or other proof of attendance documents. Course certificates should include:
    • the dentist’s name
    • the title of the core course presentation
    • the speaker’s name
    • the approved sponsor’s name
    • the date of the core course presentation
    • the number of CE points awarded in Category 1 (as specified by the Quality Assurance Committee)
  11. Approved sponsors must provide certificates or other documentation at the end of the presentation, having first verified that the dentist attended the full presentation and completed the assessment component.
  12. Approved sponsors must maintain attendee records for a minimum of eight years following the date of the event, including either the original sign-in/sign-out sheets and assessment sheets OR an administrative record that summarizes this information for each attendee.