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CT Scanners

All dentists who wish to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans must register with the College as a prescribing dentist. This includes dentists who are specialists in oral and maxillofacial radiology and all dentists who practise in hospital dental departments.

Dentists who want to install and operate a dental CT scanner in their facility must register with the College and obtain a facility permit.

Complete this application form to register as a prescribing dentist with the College.

Types of Dental CT Scanners

The College’s Standard of Practice sets out two types of dental CT scanners, based on the size of the image or “field of view” generated:

  • DA-SCANNER – dentoalveolar CT scanner with a field of view of 8 centimetres or less. 
  • CF-SCANNER – craniofacial CT scanner with a field of view of over 8 centimetres. 


For dentoalveolar scans, dentists must complete a course of at least two days duration that is:

  • affiliated with an accredited university
  • organized and taught by dentists certified in oral and maxillofacial radiology
  • has a post-course exam.

For craniofacial scans, dentists must complete a formal postgraduate program in oral and maxillofacial surgery, suitable for certification in the province of Ontario and complete a mentoring program with an oral and maxillofacial radiologist or qualified medical radiologist. The mentoring program must involve the interpreting and reporting of at least 50 craniofacial CT scans.

All prescribing dentists must receive on-site training in the safe operation of the equipment. 

CT Scanner Facility Permit Process

  • Register your training and apply for a facility permit with the College.
  • Obtain approval from the Director of X-Ray Safety MOH to install the dental CT scanner.
  • Receive a provisional permit from the College. 
  • Within six months, fulfill the requirements to be issued an annual facility permit. This includes providing the College with specified written information and successfully completing an on-site inspection of the facility to confirm that it is in full compliance with all aspects of the Standard of Practice.
  • An application fee of $850 must be submitted with the facility permit application form. This fee covers the cost of the provisional facility permit, the on-site inspection and the annual facility permit. An annual renewal fee of $400 is payable by October 31 of each year. There is no separate fee for registering multiple prescribing dentists at the same facility.

Every dental facility where a dental CT scanner is installed and operated must have a facility permit issued by the College.

Review our checklist of requirements for a dental CT scan facility permit for detailed information about the application, approval and inspection process.  


Standard of Practice/Training/Qualifications

Dr. David Harper

Manager, Facility Inspection Program

Application Process