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CT Member Authorization

I am an existing prescribing dentist, how do I apply for a new CT Member Authorization?

Login to the Member Resource Centre then click ‘Dental CT Resources and Renewal’ in the navigation menu to get started. Select and complete the CT Member Authorization Application and submit payment.

Why is there a fee for the CT member authorization process and why is there this process now?

The proposal for the CT member authorization process is set out in revised By-Law 20, which was approved by Council on November 14, 2019, and will come into effect midnight, October 31, 2020. The membership was consulted on the introduction of this new process in June/July 2019. 

The fees for the CBCT machine and the training required for the CBCT courses are not under the purview of the RCDSO. Additionally, the CT member authorization is separate from the CT facility permit process.

The permit process is specific to the CBCT machine and the obligations and responsibilities of the designated permit holder as outlined in the HARP Act and the Standard of Practice for Dental CT Scanners.

In contrast, the CT member authorization is specific to the obligations and responsibilities of the individual who has qualifications to prescribe, order and take CT scans. With the new process, the RCDSO can enhance patient safety with the introduction of the provisional member authorization process, a review of CT authorized member’s reports at inspections and a review of authorized member’s CE related to the prescribing, ordering and taking of CT scans.

The new process facilitates the RCDSO’s objective for quality assurance of members authorized to prescribe, order or take CT scans. At CT inspections, the reports of every CT authorized member will be reviewed. Additionally, it is expected that authorized individuals will obtain ongoing CE as outlined in the Standard for ongoing competence in the prescribing, ordering and taking of CT scans.

The new process also enhances patient access to care as it grants members the flexibility to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans within their authorization at any dental facility that holds a valid dental CT scanner facility permit as long as they have received on-site training in the safe operation of the dental CT scanner installed in that facility. CT member authorized individuals and permit holders no longer need to delay the provision of service to patients by contacting the RCDSO in order to be listed as a prescribing dentist on specific facility permit[s]. 

The introduction of the annual renewal fee of $150.00 is required for the additional associated administrative costs with the provisional member authorization process which is not included in the costs associated with a permit.  

Contact the College if you have any further questions or concerns.  

How can I confirm that you have received my application?

An email confirmation is automatically sent to the member’s preferred email address on file once you have clicked the “Submit” button on the renewal page.

To verify your preferred email address on file, click on “MRC” in the navigation menu to return to the home page. Then click “Change Residence” to view/update your email address. 

I no longer intend to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans?

If you no longer intend to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans and therefore do not wish to apply for a CT Member Authorization, please email the FIP department at

If you wish to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans in the future it will necessary to apply for a CT Member Authorization by submitting a new application form and fee and following the application process which includes the Provisional CT Authorization stage.

When will I receive my CT Member Authorization Certificate for 2020-2021?

Your receipt will be available 24-48 hours after your application has been approved and your payment has been processed.

Your certificate will be available for download on November 1, 2020.

You can download these documents by clicking on “Receipts” and “Member Authorization Certificate” in the Dental CT Resources and Renewal in the Member Resource Centre.

I have not prescribed, ordered or taken Dental CT scans in the past 12 months but will later on this year or I don’t take scans often or I am not sure that I will continue to prescribe, order or take scans. Should I renew my authorization?

After November 1, 2020 no dentist can prescribe, order or take Dental CT scans without a current Member Authorization. If you intend to take scans in the future, you must obtain an authorization prior to October 31, 2020. Alternatively, you can obtain authorization at a future date. However, the process will change. You will need to apply, pay a fee, and obtain a provisional authorization. After you obtain provisional authorization, you will take 5 CT scans at a permitted facility and submit the CT reports to the RCDSO for review. If the reports are in compliance with the CT Standard you will be granted full authorization. 

What do the codes “DV” and “CF” mean?

DV: Dentoalveolar is a small field of view

CF: Craniofacial is a large field of view

What is the difference between small field-of-view and large field-of-view?

Small field-of-view – a field of view of 8 centimetres or less.

Large field-of-view – a field of view greater than 8 centimetres.

The Standard of Practice says I have to complete continuing education hours in order to remain in compliance for my CT authorization. Where can I log my continuing education information?

You do not need to submit continuing education information at this time. If you have completed any continuing education, you can go ahead and log your CE points for CT in your e-Portfolio

I have not completed the required CT-related continuing education. What should I do?

You can submit your CT Member Authorization application form, however be reminded that it is your obligation to meet the requirements for CE as set out by the Standard of Practice. As with all other CE documentation, you must keep the originals. These documents must be retained for five years from the end of each three year cycle and submitted to the College on request.