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Every dental facility where a dental CT scanner is installed and operated must have a facility permit issued by the College. This permit must be renewed on an annual basis to remain current.

Your CT facility permit renewal is due by Oct 31, 2019 in order for the permit to remain current for the period of Nov 1, 2019 – Oct 31, 2020.

What will I need before I start my renewal?

  1. Access to a desktop or laptop computer with internet connection. Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) are not recommended. Use of Internet Explorer browser is recommended.
  2. Your RCDSO Registration Member Number or ID (without “06”)
  3. Your RCDSO Member Resource Centre (MRC) password
  4. Credit card payment information (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)


Step 1: Login to Member Resource Centre

  1. Go the RCDSO website homepage.
  2. Click RCDSO Member Login (top right-hand corner).

  3. Enter your RCDSO ID and password, and click login. Your ID is your College Registration number (without “06”)

Step 2: Complete the Renewal

You should now be logged in to your member profile on the MRC.

  1. Click “Dental CT Resources and Renewal” in the left-hand menu
  2. Review the information on the CT homepage, then click “CT Renewal Questionnaire” in the left-hand menu
  3. Among the prepopulated practice(s) that appear: Click the facility permit number, highlighted in blue, to begin the renewal for that facility.

    • If you have multiple facilities you wish to renew, you must complete each renewal individually
    • If you wish to cancel an office’s facility permit, select “Cancel CT Facility Permit” in the left-hand menu.


  1. List the name(s) of all dentists, including the facility permit holder, who are authorized to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans at this facility. Search for practitioners using either their registration ID (without “06”) or by their surname and given name, and then click “Search” to generate results.

  2. Click on a practitioner’s name, highlighted in blue, to add them to the list.

  1. Use the checkboxes to indicate if the practitioner prescribes, orders and takes Dentoalveolar and/or Craniofacial dental CT scans at this facility.

  2. Repeat steps 4 to 6 if there are multiple practitioners (including the facility permit holder) who prescribe, order and take dental CT scans at this facility. Click the checkbox below to confirm you have reviewed the practitioner list.

  1. Review the attestation.

  2. Click the certification checkbox at the bottom of the questionnaire and then click “Submit” to complete the renewal for the specified facility. You will receive a confirmation email to your preferred email address on file.
  • Notes:
    • If you do not receive the email, check your spam/junk folder.
    • If you do not know which email you have on file with the RCDSO: From the MRC homepage, click “Change Residence” in the left-hand menu. Your preferred email is listed at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Complete Payment

  1. Click “CT Renewal Payment” in the left-hand menu.

  2. Use the checkbox to indicate which renewal(s) you wish to submit payment for. You may submit payment for multiple renewals at once by clicking all applicable checkboxes.

  3. Click “Proceed to Payment” to be redirected to the RCDSO Payment Page to enter your credit card details. You will receive a confirmation email to your preferred email on file upon successful payment submission.

Receipt and/or CT Facility Permit Certificate(s)

Your receipt and certificate will be available for download through the Member Resource Centre 24-48 hours after your renewal and payment have been approved by the College. You will receive an automatic confirmation email upon approval.

To access your receipt/certificate from the Member Resource Centre homepage, click “Dental CT Resources and Renewal.”

  • For your receipt: Click “CT Facility Receipts” and export as PDF
  • For your certificate: Click “CT Facility Permit 2019-2020” and export as PDF

Renewal FAQs

How long is my CT facility permit valid?

Upon successful renewal, your CT facility permit is valid until October 31, 2020. It must be renewed annually to remain current.


What should I do if I have issues submitting the renewal questionnaire?

If you run into a common error while submitting the renewal questionnaire, a red error message will appear at the top of the page describing the issue and how to resolve it.

Your issue may be related to the renewal portal timing out. You may wish to log out and then log back in to restart your renewal submission.

Issues still unresolved? The Facility Inspection Program can be reached at 416-934-4331 or at


I just received my CT facility permit recently , do I have to renew?

All CT facility permits expire on October 31 annually, regardless of the initial date of issuance. In order for your permit to remain current during the period of November 1, 2019 – October 31, 2020, you are required to renew.


I have a provisional facility permit, do I have to renew?

No, only annual facility permit are required to be renewed.