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Frequently Asked Questions - Dental CT Scanners

All Ontario dentists with the required education and training may apply to the College to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans, and to install and operate a dental CT scanner.

The most commonly asked questions regarding this process appear below. 
What types of dental CT scanners can be used by Ontario dentists? Are all dentists able to use both types of dental CT scanners? What are the educational requirements to use a dentoalveolar CT scanner? What are the education requirements to use a craniofacial CT scanner? Are there any other educational or professional requirements? I understand that I must register with the College as a prescribing dentist and apply for a facility permit before I can install and operate a dental CT scanner. How do I begin this process? In addition to completing the necessary application forms, what else must I do? Are there any fees associated with the facility permit process?