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Personal Health Information Protection Act

Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA), establishes rules for the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information by dentists and other health information custodians practising in Ontario. The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario created a useful Frequently Asked Questions guide on PHIPA and associated regulations in September 2015.

While dentists should maintain current knowledge of their obligations under PHIPA, including reading articles published by the College and seeking legal advice as required, this FAQ can help dentists understand the Act and how it applies to them. This FAQ also provides information about individuals’ rights with respect to their personal health information, which may interest patients and their parents, guardians or substitute decision-makers.

Compliance with PHIPA

Ontario dentists must adhere to several aspects of PHIPA. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care issued a checklist to assist health care providers in meeting the legislation's initial requirements, which can be found as part of the RCDSO's guide to compliance with PHIPA.