Continuing Education

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All dentists with a general or specialty certificate of registration are required to obtain at least 90 Continuing Education (CE) points in each three-year cycle.

Activities are divided into three categories and designed to promote continued competency and maintenance of professional standards.

Dentists begin their first cycle in their first year of registration with the College and continue throughout their careers. They earn points for engaging in a wide range of activities and track their progress through the e-Portfolio.


Category 1 (core) courses

Courses approved by RCDSO’s Quality Assurance Committee and offered through an approved sponsor.

Click here to view the list of approved Category 1 courses.
Category 2 activities

- Courses on a clinical dental topic offered by an approved sponsor.
- Teaching at a university faculty of dentistry
- Teaching dental hygiene or Level II Dental assisting at an approved institution
- Lecturing on clinical dental topics for approved sponsors
- e-Learning Program with assessment on clinical dental topics offered through approved sponsors
- Grand Rounds
- Publishing articles in peer-reviewed dental journals or dental textbook chapters

Category 3 activities

- Courses on non-clinical topics or delivered by non-approved sponsors
- Dental society or study club business meetings
- Recorded webinars
- Reading peer-reviewed dental journals or recent dental textbooks
- Lecturing on non-clinical topics, or for non-approved sponsors


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