Annual Declaration

Each year, dentists must declare they are in compliance with the Quality Assurance Program requirements of the College through the online renewal questionnaire in RCDSO’s Portal

What does it mean to be compliant with the Quality Assurance Program?

Compliance refers to a dentist’s participation in Continuing Education and the Practice Enhancement Tool assessment.

Compliance with Continuing Education (CE) means that:
•    you are aware of your ongoing CE responsibilities, AND
•    you are pursuing CE activities to ensure you will have fulfilled all point requirements by the end of your 3-year cycle, including a minimum of 15 Category 1 points, 45 Category 2 points, and 30 points from any Category 1, 2 or 3 activities.

Compliance with the Practice Enhancement Tool (PET) means that:
•    you were eligible to complete the PET, AND
•    you were selected for the PET and have completed, or are in the process of completing, the assessment, OR
•    you are eligible to complete the PET and intend to complete the assessment when notified.

We encourage all dentists to review the renewal questions related to continuing education carefully to avoid any error.

For additional information, please email We will contact you within two business days.