Discipline Process

The College is committed to having a fair and open discipline process. The Discipline Committee hears evidence about cases referred by the Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports Committee.

Disciplinary hearings are much like court proceedings and the panel of the Discipline Committee has a role similar to that of a judge:

  • A lawyer (called a ‘prosecutor’) is appointed to represent the College at the hearing.
  • A panel of dentists and members of the public hear evidence on both sides (under oath) and make a ruling based on that evidence.
  • You may be asked to testify. Both the College’s lawyer and the dentist’s lawyer may ask you questions.
  • The public and the media may be allowed to attend the hearing, and the media can publish the name of the dentist.
  • The College will request a publication ban of all complainants’ names.

Here is a list of orders the Discipline panel can make:

  • It can require the dentist to complete education to improve their practice
  • It can place terms, conditions and limitations on a dentist’s practice
  • It can reprimand the dentist
  • It can require the dentist to pay a fine to the government of Ontario.
  • It can suspend a dentist from working for a set period of time
  • It can revoke the dentist’s right to practice in Ontario.
  • If the panel finds that a dentist sexually abused a patient, it will revoke the dentist’s right to practice in Ontario and require the dentist to reimburse the College for funding provided to the patient.

Hearing Decisions

The results of all discipline hearings are made public on the College website.

Rules of Procedure

To access the Discipline Committee Rules of Procedure, click here.