Committee Competencies and Time Commitments

The College has developed a document outlining the competencies required to serve on College committees, passed by Council. You can review that here.

The committee compositions and terms of reference are set out in By-law 4. The approximate time commitments for the committees are set out below. 

Executive Committee

12 days

Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee

1 day/month and up to 2 days of preparation/month per full day panel

Discipline Committee

10-12 days

Fitness to Practise Committee

0-2 half days

Quality Assurance Committee

6 half days + teleconference meetings, as needed

Registration Committee

5-6 half days + teleconference meetings as needed

Patient Relations Committee

4 half days

Professional Liability Committee

7 half days

Audit Committee

2-3 half days

Finance, Property and Administration Committee

4-5 half days

Legal and Legislation Committee

As needed

Election Committee

As needed

International Trade Committee

3-5 half days

Pension Governance Committee

3 days per year