Non-Council Committee Applications

The deadline to apply for a non-Council committee appointment has passed. We thank everyone who submitted an application. 


Every two years Ontario dentists have the opportunity to put their names forward to serve as non-Council committee members. In this role, you can help the College fulfill its mandate of working in the public interest by putting patients first.

The College has a competency-based application process as we look to improve diversity and equity on College committees. We are looking for approximately 25 committee members with a diverse set of skills, perspectives, knowledge and lived-experience that bring a commitment to ensuring that all Ontarians have access to safe, high-quality oral health care. Non-Council committee members bring strength, vitality and inspiration to the College and its work.

We are looking to fill roles on the following committees:
  • Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Fitness to Practise Committee
  • Registration Committee
  • Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee (including Dental CT Scanner and Sedation & General Anesthesia Committees)
  • Patient Relations Committee
  • Professional Liability Program Committee

All dentists are invited to apply for what will certainly be an interesting and enriching opportunity.

How to apply

You must complete BOTH the non-Council committee appointment application form and the Council and non-Council committee orientation module by November 14, 2022 at 9am.

Please also check to ensure that you meet all of the eligibility requirements to become a non-Council committee member.

Equity, diversity and inclusion is a priority for the College. We encourage applications from minority populations, including persons of colour, Indigenous persons, individuals with disabilities, women, persons who identify as immigrants and members of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Can I run for elected office and submit my application and resume for an appointed committee position too?

Yes, you can do both. However, if successful in the election, your application to serve as a non-Council member will not be considered.

If you've completed the Council candidate application form, you will be required to fill out an abbreviated version of the non-Council committee application form. 

Selection Process

The Nominations Committee may review the application form, and any supporting materials as part of the competency-based assessment process to help inform committee and/or chair appointments in January 2023. The list of competencies to be an effective committee member can be found here. Council will make appointments in January 2023 based on competencies and needs of the Committees and applicants will be informed about the status of their application following the January Council meeting.

Can I choose which committee I sit on?

You will be asked to indicate your preferences for committees on which you wish to serve. While preferences will be considered, they may not be granted as the College has adopted a competency-based assessment process. Committee competencies are available on our website. The application form will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee, which is responsible for recommending a slate of committee appointments to Council for approval. The Nominations Committee will consider the following factors:

  • Terms of reference in the by-laws;
  • Committee competencies;
  • Diversity and representation;
  • Practice areas;
  • Availability to serve;
  • Balance of experience and inclusion of new perspectives;
  • Succession planning; and
  • The needs of the Committee.

Time Commitment

How much time is involved?

It varies from committee to committee. Find out more here. 

How long is my commitment?

The term is about two years, the same as for Council members. The term may vary for the Professional Liability Program Committee. 

You start with the first committee meeting in 2023, usually early in the year. You may also be asked to attend special education or orientation sessions.