Our purpose

All regulated health professionals in the province of Ontario are governed by a regulatory college. Each health regulatory College is responsible for:

  • Protecting the public’s right to safe, quality health care services
  • Setting the education and other qualifications necessary to become a registered professional
  • Developing professional and ethical standards and guidelines
  • Holding registered health professionals accountable for their conduct and practice through a complaints and investigation processes.

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) is one of 26 health regulatory colleges in the province with the responsibility and the legal authority to protect the rights of patients.

Who we are

The RCDSO registers and oversees nearly 10,800 dentists in the province.

We work in the public interest by putting patients first. We are committed to transparency, accessibility, and fairness in all of our work. We protect the public’s right to quality dental services by providing leadership to the dental profession in regulation.

Patients must be able to put their trust in dentists. When a patient visits their dentist, they expect a trained, registered professional to provide safe, ethical treatment and the highest standard of care. It is our responsibility to ensure that dentists have the necessary qualifications to do just that. The safe care of patients and protection of patients’ rights is our first priority and at the heart of everything the College does. 

Have a question or concern about your dental care?

Contact our Practice Advisory Service:

Have a complaint about your dental treatment?

Read more about RCDSO’s complaint process and how to file a complaint.

What we do for dentistry

The RCDSO is a leader in health regulation. We believe that regulation must be open, responsive, accessible, equitable and accountable in order to protect the public interest.

The College is here to:

What we do for applicants to the profession

The RCDSO is accountable to the Office of the Fairness Commissioner to provide transparent, objective, impartial and fair registration practices for those applying to practise dentistry in the province.

To be licensed as a dentist in Ontario, applicants must:

  • Meet specific educational and training qualifications set by the Ministry of Health before being registered with the College
  • Have the the ability to practise dentistry safely, competently and ethically
  • Remain aware of their professional, ethical and regulatory requirements.

Learn more about applicant responsibilities and the process and requirements for registering with the College. You can also contact the College's Registration department.