We work in the public’s interest by putting patients first. We set and enforce standards, and provide continuous improvement and education opportunities to the dental profession in Ontario. We work to engage and influence our stakeholders. We show integrity and courage in everything we do. 

The RCDSO's Strategic Plan was approved by our Council in November 2019. The development of the Plan included thoughtful involvement from the College's staff and Council, thorough jurisdictional research for industry best practices, and consultation with both the public and the profession.

Our strategic objectives allow us to set priorities that will guide the focus of the work we do to protect the public and put patients first. We are working toward building stronger connections across the organization, with our stakeholders and community partners, and continuing to build a proactive, measured approach to fulfilling our mandated responsibilities and operational planning.

These three themes of focus were developed to help us prioritize and measure success from 2020 to 2023: 

  • Using risk-based and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) approaches to regulation
  • Supporting staff in doing their best work
  • Identifying and responding to potential opportunities and disruptors emerging in the external environment

These key themes set the foundation of work needed to implement our Strategic Plan, achieve our strategic goals, and enable us to evolve over the next few years.