Public Consultations

We invite you to comment on the new or revised by-laws, standards, guidelines or other documents listed below. We may also ask for your comments on existing documents that are under review. Please send comments to

Your feedback helps us assess the document and determine the issues we should consider throughout the review process, and informs policy development.

Revised standards, guidelines, advisories and by-laws are open to external consultation with our membership, healthcare organizations and the general public. We typically set a 60-day deadline for response and allow stakeholders to provide comments in a number of ways, including email, online surveys or a letter.

We promote the open consultation through:

  • Social media
  • Direct email campaigns
  • Our website
  • RCDSO News, our online news source for dentists

All feedback received is reviewed by the College and the relevant committee before making any decisions about what is included in the final version of any document.

See Our Purpose for more information on our mandate and role.