Health Profession Corporations

A Health Profession Corporation (HPC) means a corporation incorporated under the Business Corporations Act that holds a valid certificate of authorization issued under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) or the Health Professions Procedural Code, Schedule 2.

The RCDSO must issue your HPC a certificate of authorization before it is permitted to practice dentistry through it. Certificates of authorization are renewed annually.

Before you can apply for an HPC certificate of authorization, you need to:

  1. have a registered corporation under the Ontario Business Corporations Act; and
  2. been issued a corporation number by the Ontario Business Registry

Apply for an HPC Certificate of Authorization

To apply for a health profession corporation (HPC) certificate of authorization, follow these steps:

All certificates of authorization expire on August 31 of each year regardless of the initial date of issuance and must be renewed annually. If the certificate of authorization is not renewed before August 31, it will be revoked effective September 1 for failure to comply with renewal requirements.

Additional Information/Documentation

HPC Naming Criteria

Click here to learn more about the naming criteria for a health profession corporation.

HPC Optional Naming Pre-approval Form

Download the HPC Name Pre-approval Form.

Revised HPC Certificate of Authorization

Download the Application for a Revised HPC Certificate of Authorization.

Notice of Change of Shareholders for HPC

You are required to notify the College when there are changes to your corporation's shareholders. Download the Notice of Change of Shareholders Form and Declaration and send the completed forms to the College.

Frequently Asked Questions

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