HPC Annual Renewal

Renew your Health Profession Corporation (HPC) by:

  • Logging into the RCDSO Portal
  • Completing the renewal process by selecting “My HPCs” under your name in the top right in the MRC navigation menu. 

Next, click on The Account Number in the middle of the page. You will need to complete a renewal for each HPC listed in your profile.

Verify the HPC Information in the middle of the page and make any necessary changes. If changes were made then click “Submit” on the bottom of the page. The HPC address information you include here is available to the public on our website. Do not use a home address. 

Click on “HPC Renewal” on the left to proceed. Once each Renewal Section is complete, the left-hand menu will display a check-mark to indicate which section has been completed.

Go through “Renewal Instructions” and click on “Next” to proceed to the next step. Verify “Stakeholders and Practice Locations” and click on “Submit” to proceed to the next step. Upload a copy of your current-dated Corporate Profile Report (if you need additional information on the Corporate Profile Report you can refer back to the “Instructions” section on how to obtain it).

Go through the “Renewal Declaration” section, and type “I Agree” exactly as appears below (it is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as shown) and click on ”Submit”.

Proceed with the Fee payment and click on “Next”. On the next page, click Pay Invoice at the bottom of the screen. It may take a few moments for the button to appear. You will be redirected to a secure payment site. Enter the required information to make payment.

Enter your payment details and click on “Pay With Your Credit Card”. We strongly encourage you to pay for your renewal using a credit card online to avoid any delays to the renewal process. If you opt to pay by cheque, it may be several weeks before staff can process the cheque, as we continue to work remotely. The “File Upload” and “Renewal Declaration” still have to be completed online. Your renewal will not be complete until the funds have been received and processed. Your certificate and receipt will also not be available until that time.

If the payment was received successfully, you will be taken back to the Payment Details page. You will also receive a transaction confirmation via e-mail – this is NOT your receipt. Your receipt and annual certificate can be accessed separately in the Member PortalOnce payment has been processed, allow 5-10 business days for RCDSO staff to process your renewal. You will receive an email to confirm that your renewal has been completed successfully once processed. If there are any issues with your renewal, you will be notified by staff.

Access your certificate by logging into your Member Portal and clicking your name in the top right-hand corner for the menu. Then click on My HPC, Click on the Account Number in Blue, and “My HPC Receipts” / “HPC Certificates”.