Rowan's Law: Information for Health Care Providers

Rowan’s Law is a provincial law that sets out a framework for concussion prevention, detection and management in sports. Effective January 1, 2022, athletes who have sustained a concussion, or are suspected of having sustained a concussion must be removed from sport until they are medically assessed and cleared to return.

Dentists should be aware of the signs and symptoms of sports-related concussion injuries and direct such patients to the appropriate health care practitioners for assessment and management of these conditions.

Physicians and nurse practitioners are specified as the only health care providers to medically assess and provide confirmation of medical clearance for athletes to return to sport.

This Ministry of Health has provided the information below to increase awareness among all health care providers including dentists regarding Rowan’s Law and to provide additional resources.

Ministry of Health Concussions Webpage

Rowan’s Law: Information for Health Care Providers