PLP protection to include cross-Canada coverage

Effective January 1, 2024, on a trial basis, the Professional Liability Program (PLP) is enhancing its group malpractice protection to include practice by an Ontario dentist in any jurisdiction in Canada, subject to appropriate licensure outside of Ontario.

What does this mean?

Dentists with a current Ontario licence who also obtain licensure in another Canadian jurisdiction may be able to use PLP malpractice protection.

For example, this would provide protection for dentists to practice or volunteer in underserved communities in another province or territory.

Some provinces and territories will accept PLP malpractice protection, while others are unable to. Dentists should exercise due diligence and ask the out-of-jurisdiction regulator:

  • whether it accepts PLP malpractice protection
  • what minimum limits are required.

If the regulator accepts PLP malpractice protection, dentists can contact PLP for proof of malpractice protection.

For jurisdictions requiring more than the $2 million coverage PLP offers, an excess package must be purchased to cover the difference. PLP can assist dentists with this process.


Please contact  for more information.

More information about PLP

In 2023, RCDSO Council’s directed staff to explore divesting from the Professional Liability Program. Since then, the College has been working to develop an implementation plan. Change to this long-standing program will take years, not months. For the time being, new and existing PLP cases will be processed as they always have been. This communication is part of our commitment to maintain an effective program during this period.